R Designs provides interior design, purchasing and consultation services. Compensation for these services is achieved through a variety of fee options. I am sensitive to the needs of the client and their financial commitment to any design program. I recognize that the design, purchasing and contracting phases of any design project can appear overwhelming and represents a significant financial investment for the client. Therefore, I attempt to make this financial commitment as simple and straight forward as possible. Through the years, I have found that one of three fee scenarios usually meets the client’s needs. R Designs uses these fee formats individually or in combination as follows:

Fixed Fee

When the scope of a project is determined and a basic budget has been established, I am pleased to work on a Fixed Fee basis, since I can determine my time and commitment to the project and develop a realistic compensation for my services.

Hourly Fee

When brief consultation is required or the scope of the project needs to be defined, an Hourly Fee with a “do not exceed” clause is most appropriate. An Hourly Fee is also the best format for compensation during the design phase of the project.

Cost Plus Percentage Fee

When the design phase has been completed and I begin to make purchases on the Client’s behalf, the client will be billed at my cost, plus an agreed upon percentage along with the appropriate sales taxes, shipping, and other expenses incurred in the purchase.

I am sensitive to my client’s time constraints and budgets. I pride myself in finalizing all costs and schedules prior to purchasing and construction, thus alleviating most surprises and cost overruns.

- Robin Webster